Apollon Solar, a photovoltaic specialist

Company launch

Apollon Solar was launched in July 2001 by a team with specialist experience of the photovoltaic industry, having worked for many years in a wide range of fields, from research to marketing, through development and industrial deployment.
Ownership of company assets is split into two parts, with

  • Yriel, one of the founding shareholders, holding a two-thirds share, and
  • Founding shareholders and employees holding the remaining third.



Apollon Solar offers scientific, technical, technological and marketing solutions to substantially reduce the cost of photovoltaic solar energy for end-users.



Apollon Solar is currently working in the following fields:

  • Silicon, as a basic material, through streamlined production of solar quality silicon (Photosil), and its adaptation for photovoltaic use;
  • Photovoltaic cells, developing a high-performance industrial production line;
  • Photovoltaic modules, perfecting a new industrial process for cell encapsulation (Nice);
  • Marketing, to identify new distribution channels and ways of deploying solar energy.



Apollon Solar has so far registered about 15 patents in France, extended to cover the main markets for the PV industry, particularly silicon-based materials, high-performance cells and ultra-robust modules.

Their validity and terms of use are covered by R&D agreements in partnership with laboratories and industry.



Apollon Solar establishes partnerships with industry and leading laboratories, not necessarily directly involved in the PV industry, to take ground-breaking materials and processes through to market launch.