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Welcome to our website. Apollon Solar is a privately owned research and development company which specializes in substantially reducing the cost of access to photovoltaic solar energy for end-users.

Thanks to our shareholders and partners our projects are nearing industrial production.

We hope you will enjoy your tour and look forward to any suggestions, particularly to improve the information at your disposal.

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Last News !

NICE EU Project Eco-Solar

Apollon Solar participates with its NICE module technology at the EU H2020 Project Eco Solar. The project has officially started on 01/10/2015 and has for objective an increased eco efficiency along the entire value chain of PV production. On one hand the bill of materials at all major PV production steps will be simplified to reduce the consumption of critical elements like metals or water, on the other hand re-use, repair and re-cycle options will be integrated.

Apollon Solar’s NICE module technology perfectly fits in this concept as it does not rely on lamination or soldering and already uses less organic products. Our work in this project is directed towards a further reduced bill of materials for NICE modules, integrate cells with a reduced bill of material and investigate technologies for the disassembly, reuse/remanufacturing and recycling of module components.

Further information on the EcoSolar Website.